Brachytherapy – Electronic


Brachytherapy – Electronic Overview

Electronic Brachytherapy provides a faster skin cancer treatment with minimal side effects and exceptional cosmetic outcomes. The technology is unique because it uses a miniaturized x-ray source that can be turned on or off, instead of the traditional radioactive seeds that are always emitting radiation. This means that the shielding requirements are very minimal, and your radiation therapy team is able to remain in the treatment room with you. Because it is a short procedure with minimal side effects, eBXTM is an ideal skin cancer treatment alternative for patients not interested in surgery.

Electronic Brachytherapy Benefits

  • Short, non‐invasive procedure with no hospital stay
  • Minimal side effects
  • Exceptional cosmetic outcomes in a relatively short timeframe
  • Ideal alternative for patients not interested in surgery

How Does Brachytherapy – Electronic Work?

Treatment Process

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